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We had a great show this morning don't you think? Good questions on Lawn replacement and one of my favorite things to recommend is planting natives to take care of the lawn eyesore. Here is a great link to lists of plants to ask for at the nursery or better yet, look for a smaller native plant nursery in your area :)

Replacing the lawn when it is used as a play area or entertainment area is very hard to do.. not much looks at good as a green lawn - specific word there is Green. If it's too much to maintain and you only have one dinner party a year, then looking for a flat lawn replacement is in order. Stepping stones can also help - See this link for some really great ideas (sorry I misspelled Dymondia this morning!) See Silver Carpet.

Ok so this coming Sunday Sept 10 I will have 2 guests who have goats for rent to clear large areas of landscape; Genevieve from and Molly with and Joel Holland from Wildfireservices. I learned a lot of interesting groups, that to me, were hidden a year ago when I started looking for companies that hired out goats. Yes I have heard about labor law controversies and 'who let the goats out' accidental escaping goats, but what's cool is that there are are more groups getting into this business and I'm telling you it's amazing what they can do to tall weeds, pooping while they go and creating a wonderful green pasture the following winter/ spring. So listen in this coming Sunday from 9-10am pacific time.

September 17th I hope to have Pamela Pierce back on to talk about her 30th Anniversary Edition of Golden Gate Gardening: She's been doing this a long time.. so if you've got questions she will have answers :)

October 1st we will have Peter Geiger back with us talking about the Farmer's Almanac and all the fun predictions and interesting events coming up for 2024: Make sure to look for the rooster logo when you look for the guide :) Thanks for reading! Edie Tanem

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