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              Edie Tanem: Host of

       “Bob Tanem in The Garden”


My gardening experience has deep roots.  My siblings and I started our nursery endeavors when we were just little sprouts, so to speak.  I began watering plants at Tanem’s Garden Center in Santa Venetia at age five, as part of my chores. At that time it was known as Santa Venetia Nursery with the slogan and a logo design by my dad “Our Business is Growing”.   By age 12, I was finding plants for customers and worked the cash register during our busy sales’ days.  My dad, Bob, and brother Bill were most knowledgeable about the plants, landscaping and chemicals, so they did all the one on one with the customers. In lieu of learning the Latin names for plants,  Kathy and I were busy studying dance and gymnastics. 

In the 1980’s I was attending San Francisco State University, while also working at the Conservatory of Flowers and the San Francisco Zoo as a ticket seller.   In 1984, Dad’s business was doing very well, so he bought a second nursery in Belvedere. I segued from my academic path straight into working for my Dad at his nurseries and I absorbed much of his expansive knowledge about the gardening industry by working alongside him.  

In 1998 my dad sold his two nurseries so that he could retire and travel with mom. Dad launched his radio career talking about gardening as an occasional guest on KGO in 1980 and continued on KSFO for a combined total of 42 years on the air.  I further immersed myself in the business by listening to the shows and the good advice he offered callers, with his characteristic good humor and infectious laughter (which some listeners say I’ve inherited from him.)  

When I worked at the Belvedere nursery, I loved listening to his show live on the air on Sunday mornings.  It was so much fun to hear my dad answer the callers’ questions as America’s Happy Gardener. I substituted for him as the host during the show when he and Mom would go on vacations to Europe or one of the Garden Writer Symposiums. Dad would even call in to the radio show to answer some of the questions himself, even while he was away.  Hosting the show in his absence was my first taste of the radio business and I was happy to fill in for Dad.  

As I continued to gain knowledge and experience, I began to volunteer and become a board member, treasurer, bulletin editor, vice president, and president of the Redwood Empire Chapter of the Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers. It was part of a state wide Association and I made a lot of knowledgeable friends in the business over the course of almost 30 years, which has contributed to my knowledge base for the show.  I also did my fathers newsletters starting in 1992 and continued managing his subscription newsletter for 10 years as well.

For the past 17 years, I've been working as one of the technical staff at another fantastic family-run business: Dharma Trading Company: A textile art company that does mail order, based out of Petaluma.

On this page, we’ll share links with information about our guests and resources we’ve mentioned on the air, so listeners can continue their gardening education. I’ve gotten a lot of suggestions from listeners about what they’d like to hear on the show.  It’s my intention to continue to bring my depth and breadth of gardening knowledge to our loyal listeners, in order to continue Bob Tanem America's Happy Gardener  ’s legacy.

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Guests and Friends I've hosted on the show press link for Apple Podcasts :)
or here

 If those don't work well you can go to KSFO or type in Bob Tanem in the Garden Podcast and find one that is up to date and ready to go. You can also find older shows and listen to my dad's wonderful voice - almost from the great beyond...
Olompali State Park
Gravenstein Apple Fair     Farm Trails
Ed Laivo
  -Fire Blight Pruning
  - Video Series with Nature Hills Nursery
  - Video Series with Tomorrow's Harvest
Farmers' Almanac Peter Geiger
Rachel Spaeth - Luther Burbank Curator
Lori Caldwell - The Compost Gal
SFBG Flower Piano
Stephanie Linder SFBG
Pamela Peirce -
   Author Golden Gate Gardening
NorCal Bats - Corky Quirk
California Carnivores
Fioli Gardens in Woodside
Sonoma Botanical Garden
Jeff Lowenfels Teaming with Microbes; and more...
Lisa Eldred Steinkopf - BLOOM the secrets of Growing Flowering Houseplants aka the Houseplant Guru
Erik Hagiwara-Nagata
Friends of the Japanese Tea Garden
Baker Seeds
Pacific Horticulture

The Garden Conservancy 
Frederique Lavoipierre - Garden Allies
Davey Tree Service - Cal Agrifolia
Galen Fultz - Avant Garden
San Francisco Orchid Society
Mike Boss of Hidden Forest Nursery
Saxon Holt Gardening in Summer Dry climates

Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour
Maya Argaman California Native Plant Society
*also mentioned:
Victoria Hornbacker CDFA Citrus Disease prevention
IFG Andy Higgins - Cotton Candy Grapes

*mentioned on show
*mentioned on show Vintage Roses
*mentioned on show Orchid Conservation Alliance 
David Kamp-Nature, Design and Health

Jill Sowards
Marin Wildfire - goats

Wildfire Services Group - Joel Holland 707-637-6362
City Grazing - Genevieve Church
Goats on the Go - Oakland Molly K
Peter Geiger Farmer's Almanac
*mentioned on show the book "Garden Makers Book of Wonder" by Allison Kostovik
Sonoma Botanical Gardens
Straw Bale Gardens
Western Hills Garden Occidental

¡Verdura! Living a Garden Life
Douglas Tallamy Author, Professor University of Delaware *also mentioned nwf -native plant finder

Suzanne Bontempo of Plant Harmony and Our Water Our World

Mycological Society of San Francisco - Enrique Sanchez and Ken Litchfield other Mushroom suggestions:  
2024Fungus Fair Santa Cruz
Mushroom spore supply FarWest Fungi
Ed Laivo - Ed Able Solutions 
Horticultural Therapy



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