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Feeling Shroomy this Sunday?

This Sunday February 18th 2024, we will be talking with Ken Litchfield and Enrique Sanchez all about Mushrooms. Cultivating them and finding them but also we will be talking about identifying them, who knows, we might come up with a recipe. They are both involved with the Mycological Society of San Francisco but also come interesting backgrounds. Enrique is by profession a meat cutter (butcher) but has immersed himself in the world of mushrooms and followed his curiosity for 40 years and counting. He's been with the MSSF since 2000 and has loved learning as much as possible about his passion.

Ken Litchfield is a botanist, an instructor, a naturalist and a botanical illustrator to start. He was the chair of the SF society's cultivation committee for 25 years, taught at Merritt Community College for 10 years where he instituted the country's first accredited vocational mushroom cultivation class with transferrable college units. He taught this course for 10 years but also taught at other campuses in California, I even found that he hails from Texas:) Ken has been intimately involved with the society's Fungus Fairs, Mendocino Woodlands Camps, and collaborations with Telluride Mushroom Fest, Soma Camp, and Far West Fungi Farm. Here are some links for more Shroomy information:

SOMA Camp - Sonoma County Mycological Association:

San Francisco:

Bay Area list of Mycological Societies:

I hope you enjoy the show!! If you have questions plan ahead, we won't be able to have live callers during the show but you can email me at up until Sunday morning at 8am with simple questions and I will ask away! Also you can email Ken directly at

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