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I love to cook. I'm even successful cooking in my Weber BarBque such things as turkey, oysters on the half-shell, stuffed grape leaves, etc. Of all the things my palate loves is asparagus, fresh from the garden. Not fresh asparagus from the store, but from the garden. 

     Here's how: Find a sunny location in your yard and dig a trench (see diagram) two feet deep. Back fill the trench 6" with steer manure, blood meal, vegetable food, bone meal - that type of organic fertilizer. Mix soil and compost in equal parts. Cover the fertilizer with 2" of the soil mixture and spread the plant roots out, spaced 6" apart. Cover plants as they sprout until you reach the top of your excavation. You won't harvest much the first year, but with proper care you should be able to have lots of fresh from the garden asparagus next year. Allow 3 feet of row per member of the family. 


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