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            I would like to introduce you to a field guide on Deer Resistant Planting. This booklet is written by me, Bob Tanem “America’s Happy Gardener”™ . I  have been a former landscaper and retail nursery owner and have put my experience in an easy to use booklet for gardeners, shoppers and landscapers. This booklet is easy to bring with you to any nursery or garden shop in order to make buying deer resistant plants easier. I had owned a retail nursery in a highly populated deer area for over 37 years. The Nursery was un-fenced for many years with open space all around, and deer-chasing dogs were often unsuccessful. This booklet has been sold nation wide as well as in Canada and England.  This deer resistant Planting Guide is invaluable for homeowners in deer areas and has proven effective in providing a list of plants that work in any area that is populated by deer. As you will agree it is very difficult to guess which plants the deer will leave alone, and certainly a plant straight from the nursery will be nibbled on, almost guaranteed. The list is graded for successfully choosing plants that the deer might leave alone. The booklet is self published, It retails for $4.95 and was written in 1993. Many garden centers around the US have carried it and this book is copy righted. If you have any questions please email me at  We only accept Checks or money orders for the book at this time. You can mail a check for 5.50 (mailing charge) to me at Bob Tanem, 36 Club View Dr. Novato 94949


Thanks! Bob

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