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Citrus Fruits

Citrus information from Show 3977 May 7 2023

We had a great chat with Victoria Hornbaker from the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the guest Director of the Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention division. We talked about what to look for on our citrus to help out the Ag Department regarding the Huanlongbing bacteria that has been spreading in our state and is a threat to the US citrus market. We here in California grow our own backyard citrus and can really help with the efforts to protect the states citrus economy just by checking our citrus periodically for these threats. 

Step 1: Take a look at all of your Citrus trees, specifically the new growth and look for any deformities. 

Step 2: Go to California citrus and learn about what to look for.

(new growth might have sesame seed sized psyllids or you might see flying brown rice with mottled wings or look like brown thorns. Look for waxy tubules with dry 'honey dew' look.

Step 3: Call 1800 491-1899 or your local county Agriculture department

Step 4: Make sure any scion wood you might purchase does not come from out of the state and that it comes from a clean grower - suggestion to get great interesting varieties from CCPP.UCR.EDU university of Riverside program.

Step 5: When getting plants - try not to be part of the problem. Nature has ways of trying to fool us and lots and lots of invasive species want to hang out in our wonderful state, just to destroy it's beauty and economy. Think before you take it home. When camping or traveling buy locally and leave it local and that includes firewood.

Step 6: Make it a habit to see what other nasty buggies might be on the watch list:

Citrus Fruits

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