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Books andGuests from my Radio Show

Over the years I have met many friends and acquaintances that I have had the privilege to have on my Radio show on KSFO 560am Sunday mornings from 8-10am. Here is a list that I will add to as I recall them. Click on the name or organization to find out more:

Mobee Weinsstein - The Complete book of Ferns

Toni Gattone - The Lifelong Gardener

Kim Eierman-Pollinator Victory Garden

Robin Stockwell - The Succulent Guy

Barri Kaplan Bonapart - Tree law

Barry Hoffer - Maplesforallseasons - videos on Youtube

Marin county farmer's market - San Rafael

Rosalind Creasy     Video

Jim Wilson Victory Garden past pres of GardenWriters of America

More of Jim's books on Amazon

Cathy Wilkinson Barash 16 books including 'Roses and Edible 

Flowers from Garden to Palate also past President of GWA

Rosemarie Nicholes McGee - Bountiful Container 

Saxon Holt Garden Photographer

Bat links

Dan Sullivan

Barbara Ellis - Many interesting books - Eastern Shore Gardener

-Attracting Birds and Butterflies

Nancy J. Ondra - Hayefield, a Pennsylvania Plant Geeks Garden

Douglas Kent - Firescaping etc

Jeff Lowenfels-Teaming with Microbs etal

Cal Orey - The Healing Powers Series

Randy Schultz - Home and Gardening Homestead, Media contact

Jessica Walliser - Horticulturalist, author, devoted bug lover

Pat Stone - Greenprints magazine

Debra Lee Baldwin - Queen of Succulents

Peggy Anne Montgomery - Garden Media Group

Orin and Manjula Martin - Fruit Trees for Every Garden

Marc Hamer - How to catch a Mole

Jere Gettle - National Heirloom Expo - rareseeds

Kevin Espiritu - Epic Gardening - Urban Gardening

Shelly Levis - Countertop Gardening

Parker Giarlitz - True Leaf Market, Microgreens

Dr. Judith Taylor - Horthistoria - 5 year Plan Geraniums - Olive

Lisa Eldred Steinkopf - House Plant Guru: Grow in the Dark

Mary Phillips - National Pollinator Garden Network

Amy Andrychowicz - Vertical Vegetables

David Mizejewski - Attracting Birds, Butterflies and other Backyard Wildlife - National Wildlife Foundation

Robert Kourk - Lazy-Ass Gardening

Emma Biggs - Gardening with Emma

Jan Johnson - Gardentopia/Heaven is a Garden

Kelly Rouke - Million Pollinator Garden Movement

Abby Artemisia - The WANDER School

Steve Bartholomew - son of Mel Bartholomew, Square Foot Gardening

Matt Mattus - Mastering the Art of Vegetable Gardening

John Schuster -

Freya Haanen - CLUCK A book of Happiness for chicken lovers

Jeff Cox -Bio Char: Supercharge your Soil

Ed Laivo - Ed "Able" solutions on Facebook

Susan Hand Shettertly - Seaweed Chronicles 

Joel Kaesten - Straw Bale Gardening

Dr. Ingram Cass - American

Territorial Seeds - Bees

Susan Hand Shettertly - Seaweed Chronicles

Lisa Steel - 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks

National Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Program

Lance Walheim - Great Expert Gardening Books Series

Amy Stewart - Kopp Sisters series and Gardening books

The Little Organic Farm - David Little Potatoes etc

Chris McLaughlin - Growing Heirloom Flowers

Tavis Lynch - Mushroom Cultivation

Brie Arthur - Foodscape Revolution

Emily Murphy - Grow what you Love'

Birdsongs for the Curious - Donald Kroodsma

Janet Lewis Sunset Western Gardens

Debra Prinzing

James Mauseth A Cactus Oddessey

Videos of Bob Tanem on Youtube

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