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Doug Tallamy on air with Edie Tanem June 2nd

Rick Darke and Doug Tallamy have a new book called The Living Landscape and it's a beauty. Eyewatering photography, incredible design ideas to invite more than just your human neighbors to come over and stay awhile. Doug is a wildlife guru, professor, educator to all who will listen. He teaches at the University of Delaware but he's famously an eye opening author known around the US and many parts of the world.

Rick Darke is a horticulturalist, landscaper, consultant, designer and manager who has worked on many public and private gardens and hails from Pennsylvania. You can read about him here:

The book is a must collect and a must to refer to if you are interested in enhancing or creating the woodland in your own backyard world. Listen in on Sunday for a great invitation to dive into the pages of this new book.

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